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Artificial Hymen Repair Kit - VirginiaCare
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Artificial Hymen Repair Kit

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Do you want to Confirm your Virginity on the wedding night? 

With the VIRGINIACARE Advanced Artificial Hymen Repair Kit, you can now confirm virginity on your own without visiting a doctor.

VirginiaCare artificial kit complies with halal regulations and consists of a cellulose compound. In heat and humidity, they dissolve completely without residue. By friction, this effect occurs after a short time. You will need to vaginally insert the artificial kit 30 minutes before intercourse into the inner septum.

To facilitate insertion, a water-soluble lubricant may be used. Also, the vaginal entrance can be narrowed easily by using our vagina tightening gel Revitalize100.

After intercourse, the residue can be easily washed off the skin. The blood-like fluid is just as difficult to wash off from textiles as real blood.

Our virgin care product is also available on eBay and Amazon with positive reviews from previous clients.

Information for Artificial Hymen Repair Kit Price India you can contact Indian Support here! Read some Repair Hymen Kit Review on the front page.


Recommended Introduction Time: 30 minutes - 2 hours before the planned sexual intercourse.

Product Features;

  • 2pc Artificial hymen pack

  • 1 sterile tweezer for easy insertion

  • No adverse effects

  • You don't have to visit a doctor

  • Anonymous solution

  • MDD- 12month

  • Simple and safe application.

  • made in Germany