Production Artificial Hymen


virginiacare hymen cellulose


hymen production step 1


Specifically for use in the human body, an organic fast water-soluble cellulose compound was "invented".

The basis is based on organic non-critical ingredients.

The product is even halal-compliant . (No ingredients come from processed products of pigs, gelatin, etc.).


hymen production step 2

Each batch is produced in a German laboratory for microbiology.

No overproduction or in stock.

The artificial blood powder is biologically produced and identical with real blood!

hymen production step 3

This granulate is applied under clean conditions to a previously cut-off membrane and closed with a second, uniform membrane.

This is put into a parchment bag to protect the combination.


hymen production step 4

The hymen are packed safely and hygienically! The hymen can look different as shown. You do not have to worry if the color pigments do not look completely red before using them. Once the blood powder gets in contact with moisture, it turns blood red.


hymen production step 5


Each package is then individually welded into an aluminum pouch to protect it from water and air.

Only after opening and contact with moisture does the cellulose dissolve completely and the granulate liquefies.



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